Circle of 5ths L3 - Compose your first Song & Improvise

Ceate solos & improvise with Major Pentatonic melodic lines. Compose your first song & Improvise on Penatonic songs.

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Course Updated: November 15, 2015


Welcome to the course on Circle of 5ths Level 3!

I’m so happy you’re here.

Welcome to the course on Circle of 5ths Level 3! I designed this course for anyone who wants to compose his/her first song using the Circle of 5ths.

You don’t need to know a lot of music theory to write your own song. Even a total beginner can do this.

What you need to know is that there is a musician inside you waiting for you to discover.

Maybe you have always thought that you are not musical Well, you are going to be in for a big surprise! You are going to learn NEW & EASY Tricks to create melodic lines using Pentatonic tones.

We are going to Rock with your first Solo!

Whether you play piano, the keyboard, guitar or ukulele, you are going to start improvising and creating melody lines for your solos.

It’s a dream for many people to be able to write their first song of their life!

This course will help musicians at all levels but for beginners, you can just stay in the Key of C.

In this course, you are going to use the Circle of 5ths to identify all the 12 Major Pentatonic Scales easily! You don't need to refer to any charts or look up any music scale books. The Circle is all you need!

You may ask: Why the Pentatonic tones?

Pentatonic melodies are easy to sing! There are no dissonant intervals between these pitches.

This is a scale that a lot of guitar players use to solo with and to improvise on.

Here’s the secret: For beginners to make music easily, to create solo lines that sound melodic, you need to avoid the 2 tones that clash in the scale. This is what this course is about!

  • You are going to play around with these 5 tones around, making them long and short, moving them up and down to put them into rhythm & musical phrases.
  • You are going to be so surprised how easy it is to write the first line of your solo using only these 5 tones.
  • Using these Pentatonic Tones, you can also create runs and fills that you can freely put into your music to wow you audience.
  • You will learn the rhythmic pattern of 4/4, 3/4 and 6/8

To add extra bonuses to the course, you will learn to play 5 songs that are written in Pentatonic Tones.

For the advanced musicians, you will learn to improvise over these songs in different Keys using different Pentatonic scales.

You don't need to be afraid of improvising anymore or be scared of playing lousy music because in the pentatonic scale, all the tones sound good with no clashes when you improvise them over a set of chord progressions.


In the Circle of 5ths Level 3 Course:

7 Parts in Pentatonic Music Theory & Practice:

  • Part 1 - Circle of 5ths Formula for Major Pentatonic Scales
  • Part 2 - Fun Ear Training
  • Part 3 - 7 Fun Solo Improvisation - Sing / Hum to the Pentatonic tones in Runs
  • Part 4 - First Line of Songs - Pentatonic Tones
  • Part 5 - How to Compose your first line
  • Part 6 - Songs written in Petatonic Tones
  • Part 7 - Improvise over the Pentatonic Songs

5 Fun Ear Training to imprint the Pentatonic Sounds into your heart

7 Fun Solo Improvisation

20 Guiding Rules when playing Pentatonic sounds

9 Fun Activities for you to practice the Pentatonic sounds

By the end of the course, you will have the confidence to create your first solo and be proud of playing your first piece of composition!

My students are having fun in here. Join us and enroll into this course to make your dream come true,



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Welcome to the course - Compose your first song using Major Pentatonic Tones
Overview of the Course
Major Pentatonic Scale - 5 Tone Scale
Major Pentatonic Tones - No dissonant interval sounds
Simple Trick to find 12 Major Pentatonic Scales in the Circle of 5ths
Fun Activity 1: Use my Formula to find 12 Major Pentatonic Scales in the Circle
Answer Sheet to Activity 1
Fun Ear Training 1: Pentatonic Tones in Different Keys
Fun Ear Training 2: 12 Major Penatonic Keys in Order
Fun Ear Training 3: Listen to the 12 Major Pentatonic Sounds by Ear
Fun Ear Training 4: Listen to the Oriental flavor of Pentatonic tones
Fun Activity 2: Play around with the C Major Pentatonic Tones
Guiding Rule 1: To make music & create solos, we must improvise in Rhythm
Guiding Rule 2: Music Sounds Great going up sequentially in 4/4
Guiding Rule 3: Keyboard Fingering Tip - Thumb leading the first tone
Fun Activity 3: Practice your Solo 1: Sheet Music for Guitar, Piano, Ukulele
Guiding Rule 4: Melodies like to come down sequentially in 4/4
Guiding Rule 5: Keyboard Fingering Tip - Pinkie as Guiding point
Guiding Rule 6: Sing in your heart - Can you hear waterfall rushing down?
Fun Activity 4: Practice your Solo 2: Sheet Music for Guitar, Piano, Ukulele
Guiding Rule 7: To create drama for intros & endings, go up & come down
Guiding Rule 8: Sing & Hum along when you improvise & play solos
Fun Activity 5: Practice your Solo 3: Sheet Music for Guitar, Piano, Ukulele
Guiding Rule 9: Waltz Dance Music is played in Groups of 3
Guiding Rule 10: Fingering Tip for Keyboard - Use Thumb to Guide 1 2 3
Guiding Rule 11: Play Triplets in 2 Groups for 6/8 Time
Fun Activity 6: Practice your Solo 4: Sheet Music for Guitar, Piano & Ukulele
Guiding Rule 12: Create a Spiral Effect - 2 Groups of Triplets coming down
Guiding Rule 13 : Fingering Tip for Keyboard: Pinkie to guide in every 6th note
Guiding Rule 14: When 6/8 coming down in Fast Tempo - Twirling in a Dance
Fun Activity 7: Practice your Solo 5: Sheet Music for Guitar, Piano, Ukulele
Guiding Rule 15: Skipping a Tone & Alternating Up
Guiding Rule 16: Fingering Tip for Keyboard: Thumb on the First Note
Guding Rule 17: Walking Steps at Different Tempo
Fun Activity 8: Practice your Solo 6 Sheet Music for Guitar, Piano, Ukulele
Guiding Rule 18: Skipping a Tone & Alternating down
Guiding Rule 19: Fingering Tip for Keyboard: Pinkie as the guiding point
Guiding Rule 20: Can you hear Raindrops keep falling on your head?
Fun Activity 9: Practice your Solo 7 Sheet Music with Guitar, Piano, Ukulele
First line of songs Part 1 - Beginning with Pentatonic Tones
Fun Activity 10: Find first line of songs that begins with Pentatonic tones
First line of songs Part 2 - Beginning with Pentatonic Tones
First line of songs Part 3 - Beginning with Pentatonic Tones
Activity 11: Write out the lyrics of these first line of songs
Answer Sheet to the First Lines of the Songs
Composing the First line of song is the toughest!
Activity 12: Writing lyrics to your first new song
Song 1: O Christmas Tree - Pentatonic Numbers under the syllables of the words
Spot out the 'long tones' and the 'short tones'
Practice Activities
Song 2: Changing Partners - Long tones & short tones
Answer: Changing Partners
Song 3: Do Re Mi - Long Tones & Short Tones
Answer: Do Re Mi
Song 4: Kum Ba Yah: Long tones and Short Tones
Answer: Kum Ba Yah
Song 5: My Way: Long tones and Short tones
Answer: My Way
Song 6: O Susanna: Long tone and Short tones
Answer Sheet: O Susanna
Song 7: Silent Night, Holy Night
Answer Sheet: Silent Night, Holy Night
Song 8: Silver Bells: Long tones and short tones
Answer Sheet: Silver Bells
Song 9: Tennessee Waltz: Long tones and Short tones
Answer Sheet: Tennessee Waltz
Song 10: Unchained Melody: Long tones and short tones
Answer Sheet: Unchained Melody
Song 11: Dashing Through The Snow: Long tones and short tones
Answer Sheet: Dashing Through the Snow
We compose songs to rhythm
Song 1 Rhythm Step 1: O Christmas Tree - Find the emphasis in the lyrics
Song 1 Rhythm Step 2: Put the song into Time Signature - 3/4 or 4/4
Practice Activities
Song 2: Changing Partners
Song 2: Changing Partners Melody
Song 2 Rhythm Step 1: Changing Partners - Emphasis in the Lyrics
Song 2 Rhythm Step 2: Changing Partners - 3/4 or 4/4
Song 3: My Way
Song 3 Rhythm 1: My Way - Emphasis in the Lyrics
Song 3 Rhythm 2: My Way - is it 3/4 or 4/4?
Song 4: Silver Bells
Song 4 Rhythm 1: Silver Bells - Emphasis in Lyrics
Song 4 Rhythm 2: Silver Bells - Is it 3/4 or 4/4?
Song 5: Tennessee Waltz
Song 5 Rhythm 1: Tennessee Waltz - Emphasis in the lyrics
Song 5 Rhythm 2: Tennessee Waltz - Is it 3/4 or 4/4?
Song 6: Dashing Through the Snow
Song 6 Rhythm 1: Dashing Through The Snow - Emphasis in the lyrics
Song 6 Rhythm 2: Dashing Through the Snow - Is it 3/4 or 4/4?
The first line of your song composition
Pentatonic Song 1: Mary Had A Little Lamb Song Sheet
Mary Had A Little Lamb - Pentatnoic Tones in Different Keys
Mary Had A Little Lamb - 4/4 Rhythm
Mary Had a Little Lamb - Lyrics has Structure
Mary Had A Little Lamb - Music Phrasing
Mary Had A Little Lamb - Song structure - a b a c
Mary Had A Little Lamb - 8 Bar Form
Sheet Music for Tom Dooley
Pentatonic Song 2: Tom Dooley
Tom Dooley - Pentatonic Tones in Different Keys
Tom Dooley - Both Hands in 2 different keys
Tom Dooley - 4/4 Rhythm
Tom Dooley - Lyrics Structure
Tom Dooley Song Structure: a a' a'' b
Song Composition Tip: Music phrasing - long tones at the end of a phrase
Tom Dooley - 8 Bar Form
Pentatonic Song 3: Five Hundred Miles
Sheet music to Five Hundred Miles
Five Hundred Miles - Pentatonic Tones in different keys
Five Hundred Miles - 4/4 Rhythm
Five Hundred Miles Song structure: a b a' b'
Five Hundred Miles: 16 Bar Form
Pentatonic Song 4: Auld Lang Syne
Sheet Music for Auld Lang Syne
Auld Lang Syne - Pentatonic Sounds in different keys
Auld Lang Syne - 4/4 Rhythm
Auld Lang Syne - Song Structure
Auld Lang Syne - 16 Bar Form
Pentatonic Song 5: Amazing Grace
Sheet Music: Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace - Pentatonic Sounds
Amazing Grace: Rhythm 3/4
Amazing Grace Lyrics: Use powerful words of emotion (contrast with antonyms)
Amazing Grace Song Structure: a a' b a''
Amazing Grace: 16 Bar Form
Your First Song: Lyrics + Melody Tones
My Song Composition - Rhythm, Phrasing, Lyrics, 16 Bar
A Sample of my song composition in 16 Bar
Putting Chords to your First Song Composition
Steps to write your Next Song

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